Prez gone, New Board

Letters/speeches to Board of Trustees:

Ever wonder what letters, speeches, discussions or meetings made by students, professors and /or staff the Board has been privy to? Share your letter or experience here for all to read. 

The morning after: PCC Board and lawyer can’t get their story straight about Rocha’s departure

Internal memo from Mark Rocha to “the people on his bus” – April 17, 2014

What Mark Rocha thinks about shared governance, all the administrators that he's fired, 
PCC as a business and faculty standing in the way of his legacy of 'reforms': Confidential Rocha Memo (April 17, 2014)

PCC President Mark Rocha gets an “F” from faculty – April 2014

In Spring 2014, full-time faculty anonymously evaluated President Mark Rocha using the same evaluation as his bosses, the Board of Trustees. Professors rated him  as having “very low effectiveness” in 7 categories, including fairness/respect, long-range planning and shared governance , providing accurate and complete information to the Board of Trustees and promoting harmonious employee relations, but was rated effective in only 1 category: technology.

Read the complete documentation here:

The Results of the Spring 2014 PCC Faculty Evaluation of President Mark Rocha

114 out of the 169 who submitted the anonymous evaluations to the Academic Senate answered the open ended questions on the evaluation. The most common response was:

“What’s working?” – Nothing!

“What’s not working?” – Everything!

“What are your suggestions for positive change?” – Remove Mark Rocha.

Courier article, May 1, 2015
Pasadena Weekly “A Lack of Leadership” May 8, 2015

PCC Board of Trustees and Administration Ruining PCC’s Reputation – April 2014

“We’ll be on the radio and on the television. We just don’t want to give PCC a bad name.” - PCC Board President Anthony Fellow 
about surreptitiously uninviting Oscar-award winning screen writer and PCC alumn Dustin Lance Black from speaking at Spring 2014 commencement.
Bad Press on Commencement Scandal:

PCC Board of Trustees Violates Brown Act

August 29, 2012: the Board of Trustees accepted non-agenda public comment on an agenda item. They were to discuss the contentious winter intersession’s cancellation. Faculty and students were outraged and one student was arrested. (Watch how it went down and on this video of Item G Winter 2013 Cancellation.)  Read more…

March 13, 2013: the Board of Trustees denied public access to a public meeting. Community members and students tried to enter the Creveling Lounge for the Board meeting, but the outside doors on the first floor were locked. This was to be a contentious meeting because two of the President’s Votes of No Confidence were to be presented.  Read more…

April 15, 2013: Board Trustee President Martin interrupted a public speaker during public comment,  warning her not to speak to any ‘personal’ items involving President Rocha. (Watch the public comment section here.)

July 17, 2013: the Board of Trustees denied public access to a public meeting and did not offer larger facilities. Professors and students, among others, could not enter the Board meeting in the Creveling. This was to be a contentious meeting as for the second year in a row, the academic calendar without Winter was on the agenda. The Board set up fewer seats in the room than normal. (A note about maximum occupancy in the Creveling. Read more..

All meetings, Regular or otherwise, shall be held within the District in facilities large enough to accommodate anticipated attendance by the public. If facilities prove to be inadequate, other facilities will be sought. Certain exceptions as to meeting within the District are specifically provided by the Brown Act, such as to comply with a law or court order, inspect property, participate in multi-agency meetings, attend a conference on collective bargaining, and to interview applicants.  

- Board Policy#1200 / Ed Code 70902

November 7, 2013: the Board of Trustees denied public access to a public meeting. 24 hours before the scheduled meeting, the Board changed location for its meeting from the Creveling, which was empty, to the smaller Circadian, where they limit public seating to 72. At no time was every seat occupied in the room, according to a witness who was there from 6:45 until the meeting adjourned before 9pm. At about 7:15pm, a professor was not allowed in and was turned away.

*All names of professors and witnesses have been removed but can be made available for legal verification purposes.

PCC Board of Trustees – Vote of No Confidence?

 PCC President Rocha nominated 2013 Less-than-stellar Turkey. Read more:news_web_reg

PCC President Mark Rocha


One thought on “Prez gone, New Board

  1. D. says:

    Please take a look at the archives video or audio for Board of Trustees Meetings on Dec.8,2010 at the 2 hour and 45 minute mark. Also on Dec.12,2012 at the 45 minute and 5 second mark. You will see that the District and the Board of Trustees where well aware of the corruption well before hand.

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