Mark Rocha about shared governance, the administrators that he’s fired, PCC as a business and faculty “standing in the way of his legacy of ‘reforms'”: CONFIDENTIAL internal memo (April 17, 2014)

Confidential Rocha Memo (April 17, 2014)

Confidential memo from Mark Rocha to his internal cabinet (aka: What Mark Rocha Really Thinks about Shared Governance, Faculty, PCC as a Business, His Legacy and  “Reforms”)

  • “Students will soon enough add one plus one to figure out that they are better off going some place else.”
  • “PCC’s enrollment will shrink, causing a reduction in revenue…”
  • “The essential pre-requisite for success – getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus — has been accomplished.”
  • ” I knew long ago that our “shared governance” system would not bear the weight of transformative reforms such as the calendar, restructure, … Pathways and saying no to the union.

Is it real? YES, at least according to the two VPs of the school.

This article sums things up nicely:

Factoid: 2010 there were 38 administrators; the 2014 org. chart lists 98 administrators


2 thoughts on “Mark Rocha about shared governance, the administrators that he’s fired, PCC as a business and faculty “standing in the way of his legacy of ‘reforms'”: CONFIDENTIAL internal memo (April 17, 2014)

  1. Kent says:

    This is what I’ve been through working here at Pasadena City College the last 15 years. In the past 6 years it has been a living hell working here at Pasadena City College being a 15 year veteran employee, and Pasadena/ Altadena resident as of recent I’ve moved. Recently Human Resources have bullied and harassed me into medical retirement. These people have doctored paperwork and committed timesheet fraud to justify there reasoning and actions. The lies, corruption and fraud have never been this bad at P.C.C.. I have watched numerous young adults that i’ve worked with side by side as a staff member and have watched students grow up and come back and thank me, staff, and faculty for the education, and life knowledge they’ve gained from us. Our school is going to pieces right in front of us. Prior to being placed on disability retirement. I was accused of photocopying test and selling them to students by the district. Imagine how messed up graduation would be. Trust and Reputation are at stake and being a long time resident, an employee and a former student accused of selling photocopied quizzes. After a through 3.4 year investigation they found nothing imagine the humiliation, and slander. I was on paid leave for 3.4 years beginning 4/2010 and brought back to work on 4/2013, harassed and intimidated by the current administration and forced into medical retirement. a couple of months ago me and the H.R. dept heads had an accommodations meeting and the only thing I ask for was to be able to go to the bathroom on my breaks. I was basically told no and was told to stay off of work and that I would be medically retired I had been cleared for duty and returned back to work by my primary physician. This is a college we are here to educate and cater to the handicap and those with disabilities. We also make accommodations for administrators like buying cars, golf carts, and leasing homes for them. But for me a 15 year employee they denied me of my right and could not accommodate my disability and discriminated against me. They told me +that I can’t use the bathroom and bullied me out of my employment and all under the guise of good faith and trust. Trust my *$$, the B.O.T needs to stop supporting these clowns and stop being so naive. We as concerned staff, faculty, students and citizens need to stick together to oust this administration They have made more false accusation and have mentally abused everyone here. They have made this place into a depressing and toxic dump of a campus. With all the beautiful buildings its still not the right leadership or administration for 20th century and beyond campus. Our staff and faculty have been wronged and lied upon more now than ever. I’ve dedicated my life to being a model employee and being bullied and harassed by PCC’s Human Resources team of Terri Hampton, Charlotte Moore, Joe Simonichi and Julianna Mossier, Robert Miller, and Mark Rocha is not to be trusted in any way shape or form. I’m currently filing charges with the EEOC, ADA, and the DEFH and asking for a full investigation of the district as I type this. This administration is not for our young college adults. As a 15 year dedicated employee these frauds need to be cleaned out and gone.

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