Accreditation is in the air!

Hark, are those accreditation bells we hear? The ACCJC accreditation team will be on campus the first week of March to make sure things are legit. But what’s a school to do when the faculty senate voted not to approve the shared-governance-written, admin-massaged self-evaluation report? On Dec. 8, 2014, the faculty senate held a special meeting in which they voted not to recommend that the senate president, Eduardo Cairo, sign it. A signature signifies that broad participation has occurred and that the document is accurate. Look at the Senate’s minutes from that date, watch the video footage of the board meetings,  and/or watch this video of the Senate vice president summarizing the issue to the Board on Dec. 10, and prior to that on Nov. 6 the Senate president warned them of problems to come – but yet, several trustees claimed to have no idea there was ever an issue with the report. Does this mean PCC will lose its accreditation? Not according to the accreditation liaison administrator Matt Jordan, who has explained it merely highlights the problems that PCC is having in shared governance. Well, anyone could’ve told them that! A lack of signature on the report will not put PCC on warning with accreditation. The problems of the past 6 years might, however. The ACCJC will read the 500+ page report that PCC wrote on itself, listen to campus constituents and members of the public about PCC at several hearings and help PCC “move forward.” So if you have something to say, don’t talk to the hand – tell it to the ACCJC! Board Follies #294

Read Pasadena Weekly article of Jan. 29, 2015 “Bad Report Card: PCC Academic Senate Refuses to Sign Accreditation Form.”

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