So what’s happened over the summer?

When we last left off, the faculty and student governments formally announced they have No Confidence in the PCC Board of Trustees. And why should they?

Over the summer, we learned:

1. PCC Board of Trustees were sued for violating the Brown Act, and they were found guilty. (Why do they listen to their lawyers, including Gail Cooper?)

2. Rocha gets to keep his $419k severance package. (Courier) It sure helps to threaten the Board for slander.

3. PCC gets put on probation by the ACCJC accrediting body.(Pasadena Star News)

ACCJC found flaws in the college’s program review, in its adherence to its own ethics policy, in its planning and in its communication between administrators and staff.

4.  A new President started at PCC See. PCC President Promises Harmony & Transparency (Pasadena Star News)

5. The race has begun for PCC Board of Trustees. ( J. Mann is stepping down after 32 years – Courier)   A must-read about PCC’s state of affairs:No More Business As Usual at PCC (SG Valley Tribune)

What PCC really needs is a major shake-up in regard to institutional culture. Bureaucracies get used to doing things the same ways as in the past.

The true test of making PCC great again will be on who gets elected to be on the PCC Board of Trustees. They are the ones who set policy and leadership at the top level. The problem is that over 90 percent of community members probably do not even know who are the current board members.

6.  The faculty Senate executive board attempted to institute new senator election procedures, without faculty-wide vetting, without senate consultation, without committee research.  An impromptu email was sent to all faculty over the vacation announcing a 3-day nomination period right after school begins. This was met with the following legal letter on behalf of concerned faculty and students: (Aug.14, 2015) LETTER TO ACADEMIC SENATE  and followed by notice from the statewide Academic Senate, saying that a vetted process should be followed instead. Departments in each area are maintaining the status quo in terms of how elections are conducted this year.

7. Congratulations to the new Associated Students Executive Board, lead by Irving Morales. All students and faculty are encouraged to attend their bi-weekly meetings and share perspectives every other Wednesday in CC212 @ noon.

8. And last but not least –  after 3 years of chaos, digging in their heels, uncounted students who left the college for a school with a more standard calendar, uncounted students whose ed plans suffered and were delayed in graduating: The PCC Board found guilty of illegally eliminating winter. Read all about it here!

Finally, if anyone reading this can explain WHY  Gail Cooper is still on payroll, please reply below – much appreciated!


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