About Us


We are a coalition of Pasadena City College students, faculty and alumni with the aim of student achievement.  We aspire to:

Demand honesty and transparency
Stop intimidation
Compensate faculty fairly
Provide access to ALL students
Spend Prop 30 on instruction
Cut fat admin salaries
Don’t treat students as commodities
Protect vocational education
Restore winter
Retain 16-week semester
Honor shared governance
New president, new trustees

We are unassociated with any student or faculty group on campus.

We believe in the process of getting the community informed, involved and active in their community college in order to promote positive and effective changes around the following current major issues at Pasadena City College:

  1. Mismanagement of the College Which Is Hindering Student Success
  2. Reduction of Student Access
  3. Dismantling of Shared Governance
  4. Climate of Fear, Intimidation and Distrust
  5. Corporatization of Public Education
  6. Loss of Collegiality and Erosion of PCC’s Long-Standing Reputation

The only way we are going to achieve these goals, and ultimately student achievement, is with vigilant and active students and faculty to foster community involvement. Contact us to get started.

This is YOUR college, these are YOUR children, these are YOUR taxes and these are YOUR elected officials. It’s time to take back PCC!

Who are our friends?

  • Facebook / Twitter: PCC Collegiance
  • Facebook: ReplacePCCTrustees
  • Facebook: Pasadena City College Community for the Removal of President Mark Rocha 
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