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Another year, almost another $10K for President Rocha

Oct. 3, 2013 – Despite the drop in full-time enrollments, (the academic year 2012-2013 had the lowest full-time enrollments in 17 years; also, when Rocha started in 2010, PCC had 24,375, but for 2012-2013 PCC had 20,219 FTEs), and a risk of losing Prop 30 tax dollars, despite student and faculty votes of no confidence, and in the absence of a campus-wide evaluation, President Mark Rocha is awarded raises by the Board of Trustees in addition to his 4 automatic bonuses that he had already negotiated into his contract. (Read more here.) The Board also extends his contract to 2017.  Can’t believe it? Watch Section F of board meeting to see it for yourself!  

Faculty Senate President Cairo states the faculty do not feel Rocha merits a pay increase or contract extension.

Student Trustee  Frasier states for the record that he abstains from voting as he is not included in personnel issues.

Trustee Geoffrey Baum’s response on October 2, 2013 sums it up best where despite the Votes of No Confidence of the then-president Rocha, the Board of Trustees gave him a raise and an extension of contract:

“I’ve […] received lots of feedback leading into this decision from various campus groups…I’m very clear on what certain folks in certain groups feel about this decision, there’s no confusion… and groups have taken public action last year to make very clear about the decision that we are about to make as a Board, but that said, the Board is ready to make a very clear decision about the leadership of the institution, and as clear as the public are communicating to us, the action we will take will also communicate clearly to the campus community and beyond where the board stands on the leadership of the institution going forward.”

Minute 26:00 of Board video:

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In 2012, the Board extended Rocha’s contract term to 2016. He currently makes in salary alone at least $235,000 ($19,583/month), and next year he will get a $10,000 automatic raise, and in 2015 he will get $12,500. His amended contract already includes $1000/month for his car and cell phone expenses in addition to his regularly reimbursed expenses for business-related travel, his membership at the Athenaeum at CalTech, up to a $20,000 annual contribution in a private annuity towards his retirement on top of what he receives from his CalSTRS retirement, and a credit card without spending cap at his disposal. Rocha will not receive his campus-wide evaluation until next year (after four years of tenure as president). What’s more, the Board and Rocha have altered the presidential evaluation policy so that no anonymous comments will be used, and the president will help choose his own independent evaluator.

President Rocha received three votes of no confidence last semester — from the faculty at large, from the Associated Students and from the Academic Senate.  The collegial campus climate is at an all-time low with accreditation looming. From this administration, PCC has suffered poor management, lack of planning and decision-making, and a disregard of shared governance, which in the end only ends up harming students and their success

PCC President’s Contracts

President Rocha’s annual salary (as of July 1, 2013):  $254,135 
Guaranteed increase of $10,000 on 07/01/14
Guaranteed increase of $12,500 on 07/01/15  (any COLA would be on top of those)
Expense allowance with no defined limit. Additional monthly allowance of $1,000 for car/related expenses.
18 month buy-out clause if termination is without cause (including full health care benefits for the subsequent 18 months)
$500,000 life insurance

President’s Evaluations

  • PCC_Board Policy 1680_- Before the Board and President Rocha changed it.
  • PCC_Board Policy 1680-  Current policy: staff, faculty and students are out of the equation until the 4th year; no anonymous comments accepted; Rocha gets to pick his  evaluator.

VP’s Salaries

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