Effects of Winter’s Mismanagement

Hindrance to Student Success and Negative Effects Just Keep Coming!

  • Students who needed to meet their educational plans of graduating/transferring on schedule resorted to enrolling in more than 18-units in Spring 2013. Taking more classes not only inhibits student success, but it also impacts a student’s ability to work. 
  • Full-time faculty experienced a disruption in their development of courses and pedagogical improvements (for example, faculty may have used the winter intersession to develop and plan for courses).
  • Adjunct faculty can no longer work concurrently at PCC and other schools because of conflicts with their work schedules at colleges that retained a winter intersession. Consequently, many have to choose one job over another.
  • Because of the lack of foresight in the elimination of winter, the administration imposed class size increases in order to meet state funding requirements. As a result, the administration also dismissed a year-long process of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee in developing pedagogically appropriate class size limits across all disciplines.[16]

Serious Potential Consequences to PCC due to College Mismanagement

  • Issues with accreditation
  • Decrease in transfer rates
  • Loss of enrollment due to students seeking other community colleges.
  • State funding at risk because of not meeting full time student numbers
  • Unfair labor practice ruling against the PCC District – Nov. 27, 2013 (See Pasadena Star News article)
  • Financial aid disbursements interrupted

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