Administrative Run-around & Bullying

When professors and students ask for data or information that the administration doesn’t want to share, they are met with the classic run-around. When they continue to request the information, the administration resorts to name-calling the requestor “a bully”.

  • In February 2014, when the PCC President spoke at the School of Humanities faculty  meeting, when faculty asked poignant and relevant questions and requested the data, he gave vague answers to “come see him in his office”. The next day, the Dean sent a reprimanding email to her faculty for not “warmly welcoming” President Mark Rocha in the meeting.  Watch the full un-cut video of the meeting.
  • In Spring 2014, when a professor requested a record of all newly hired full-time PCC employees and their positions since 2010, the administration first wanted to meet with her, which she did; then promised her the information, which she never got. In weeks that followed, she followed up with email requests but in the process, she was called a bully. See the  email communications, the transcript of the meeting  and the professor’s speech to the Academic  Senate.

 Vice President Bob Miller: “I have reached my level of patience with you and I will not be bullied or disrespected. This is not how professionals and colleagues treat one another and I will not tolerate it. ”  (Feb. 20, 2014)

Professor Delman: “I am not bullying you. I am asking for a direct response to a question. If you cannot answer it, to whom should I direct my question? Is there anyone in the administration who can answer this question?” (Feb.20, 2014)

  • In March 2014, President Mark Rocha called a professor “crazy” because she expressed her freedom of speech by writing her disapproval to the Board of Trustees about the fact that certain public meetings (CAPM) were violating the Brown Act because they had been held as closed door meetings for years. (Yikes!)  Read the Courier article, her letter/speech to the Board of Trustees  and  the speech to the Academic Senate.
  • In April 2014, a student working on a term paper requested information from the campus information reporting office and got the run-around. See the timeline of events.

Sexual harassment charges against PCC’s legal counsel and unfair treatment

Ms. Cooper, PCC’s General Counsel,  is accused of sexual harassment and retaliation of a former staff member.  President Rocha is also named as a plaintiff. The trial was in Spring 2014 but was dismissed by the plaintiff’s lawyers.

Faculty abuse and intimidation – Mark McQueen – Fall 2013

Professor Mark McQueen was put on administrative from Oct. 31, 2013 until the end of the semester because a student acted innapropiately by approaching the professor in a threatening manner during class in front of other students. Despite the student immediately apologizing to him, the administration acted prematurely by placing the professor on immediate leave and banishment from the campus.   1735 people signed a petition  to reinstate Professor McQueen.  Watch NBC news story, aired Nov. 13, 2013. After a campus private investigation lasting over a month, the professor was found innocent and could return to campus. Meanwhile the student had been unfairly allowed to remain in the class for the duration of the semester.

[Roger] Marheine said. “I am shocked that the Administration would be so callous and unprofessional in its abuse of a faculty member in good standing. Courier article, November 20, 2013 “

Intimidation/Censorship of Journalist Ari Noonan- Fall 2013

PCC’s General Counsel Gail Cooper, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, sent a letter to the author of “PCC Board Says It Does Not Care What the Public Thinks of Rocha” of  The Front Page Online, imploring him to essentially censor his article as, allegedly, “the continued publication of this comment is detrimental to Pasadena City College.”

Intimidation of Faculty Academic Senate – all Senators – Spring 2013

On April 1, 2013, Dustin Hanvey, then Senate President,  procured a letter from General Counsel after he and all Senators had been informed by another senator that she intended to add an item as an emergency  to that day’s agenda, one that President Hanvey decided not to include. The item was to consider a Senate resolution to a Vote of No Confidence for the PCC President.  President Hanvey was asked to read the letter. In her letter, Ms. Cooper clearly warned the faculty senators that they could NOT put the item on the agenda, and it falsely stated that the Brown Act would be violated. In fact,  the senator had followed Brown Act procedure, and despite being cautiously reminded by both the then-Senate Vice President and President that the meeting was being recorded (no other Senate meetings had been recorded that year), the Senate voted, to place the item on the agenda for discussion, and eventually voted No Confidence for the President of PCC (24 yays, 1 abstention, 0 Noes).

Watch Senate video here for reading of the letter (minute 45)

“What exactly are we afraid OF?” – Senator Eduardo Cairo  (minute 38)

More Senate VNC …

Intimidation of English Professor Roger Marheine – Fall 2012

Highlights from Professor Marheine’s Nov. 21, 2012 letter

… faculty received a memo from administration which makes null and void a critical part of Shared Governance.  We are being told that our class sizes are to be increased to solve the FTES crisis. Faculty are being punished because of mismanagement of the college calendar which now hinders any viable solution. As a thirty-year faculty member,  I urge you to reinstate Winter Session 2013. If Santa Monica College can provide Winter session classes for 10,000 students, why can’t we do the same?  Winter 2013 needs to be reinstated immediately to resolve the FTES crisis. Many feel that the Board and Administration are waging war on the faculty and students.  Faculty are asking what have we done to warrant such actions that curtail the meaningful functioning of the college….We are PCC.  We deserve better. We are at a leadership moment. We need visionary leadership that responds to Shared Governance committee input.   We need confidence in your leadership at this moment of crisis.

Highlights from Gail Cooper

Your “open letter” to the Trustees was far more than that; you distributed this letter campus-wide….You call the elimination of Winter intersession a “crisis” and “mismanagement” when in fact, the faculty and students are prepared to start Spring semester on January 7, 2012. All faculty who have raised any individual issues with the start date have been accommodated notwithstanding PCCFA’s failure to represent them with respect thereto.  The students who have raised any issues with scheduling have also been accommodated.  [Oh really?!? What about the 200+ students that administration had to bail out at the last minute in June 2013?]   In the wake of Proposition 30’s success, and in compliance with the law, the Administration is planning to add many sections for spring and summer.  The college will meet and earn its state-assigned FTES apportionment…. We echo President Baum’s admonishment to you: Any issues you wish to raise need to be addressed to the District’s negotiating team.

Highlights from Concerned Faculty (signed by 70 professors)

In your letter to Professor Marheine, not only is the tone of your letter condescending but also the assumptions you made are unfair to faculty. … We should hope that other faculty who are equally disturbed by your letter respond as they feel fit, but don’t take their silence as apathy. The hostile work conditions fueled by letters such as yours and the administration’s bullying, along with the complete disregard for faculty, staff and students, resonate throughout every classroom and office and only perpetuate an environment of anger and distrust.

Read series of letters

Intimidation of PCC from outside group – Spring 2013

In General Counsel’s  Oct. 7, 2013 letter, she refers to a group of “prominent members of the Pasadena area community” – a group made up of trustees, council people and real estate investors yet only includes one former PCC student  – and him dating back to the Class of 1958.  This  group resorts to scare tactics and fallacious arguments, as seen in a full-page ad they took out in a local paper:  An open letter to PCC Trustees (May 2, 2013) as a response to the President’s Votes of No Confidence.  Scapegoating is Faulty Reasoning and Unconscionable!


2 thoughts on “Intimidation/Bullying

  1. Mark Rocha is a narcissist and a person who can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. He fathered a “love child” while a dean at Seton Hall University which got him terminated. Gail Cooper is a sexual harasser, and an incompetent lawyer who is being sued by a former member of the college for punitive damages. This team of creeps has done more to ruin the college than any others before them.

  2. Kent says:

    This is what I’ve been through working here at Pasadena City College the last 15 years. In the past 6 years it has been a living hell working here at Pasadena City College being a 15 year veteran employee, and Pasadena/ Altadena resident as of recent I’ve moved. Recently Human Resources have bullied and harassed me into medical retirement. These people have doctored paperwork and committed timesheet fraud to justify there reasoning and actions. The lies, corruption and fraud have never been this bad at P.C.C.. I have watched numerous young adults that i’ve worked with side by side as a staff member and have watched students grow up and come back and thank me, staff, and faculty for the education, and life knowledge they’ve gained from us. Our school is going to pieces right in front of us. Prior to being placed on disability retirement. I was accused of photocopying test and selling them to students by the district. Imagine how messed up graduation would be. Trust and Reputation are at stake and being a long time resident, an employee and a former student accused of selling photocopied quizzes. After a through 3.4 year investigation they found nothing imagine the humiliation, and slander. I was on paid leave for 3.4 years beginning 4/2010 and brought back to work on 4/2013, harassed and intimidated by the current administration and forced into medical retirement. a couple of months ago me and the H.R. dept heads had an accommodations meeting and the only thing I ask for was to be able to go to the bathroom on my breaks. I was basically told no and was told to stay off of work and that I would be medically retired I had been cleared for duty and returned back to work by my primary physician. This is a college we are here to educate and cater to the handicap and those with disabilities. We also make accommodations for administrators like buying cars, golf carts, and leasing homes for them. But for me a 15 year employee they denied me of my right and could not accommodate my disability and discriminated against me. They told me +that I can’t use the bathroom and bullied me out of my employment and all under the guise of good faith and trust. Trust my *$$, the B.O.T needs to stop supporting these clowns and stop being so naive. We as concerned staff, faculty, students and citizens need to stick together to oust this administration They have made more false accusation and have mentally abused everyone here. They have made this place into a depressing and toxic dump of a campus. With all the beautiful buildings its still not the right leadership or administration for 20th century and beyond campus. Our staff and faculty have been wronged and lied upon more now than ever. I’ve dedicated my life to being a model employee and being bullied and harassed by PCC’s Human Resources team of Terri Hampton, Charlotte Moore, Joe Simonichi and Julianna Mossier, Robert Miller, and Mark Rocha is not to be trusted in any way shape or form. I’m currently filing charges with the EEOC, ADA, and the DEFH and asking for a full investigation of the district as I type this. This administration is not for our young college adults. As a 15 year dedicated employee these frauds need to be cleaned out and gone.

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