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PCC is on Probation by the Accreditation Committee: Read Pasadena Star (7/9/2015) article here.

  • PCC got dinged for lack of overall planning by the administration and poor collegiality, among other things.

Administrative and Academic College Organization Charts (4 x 2 yrs = managerial chaos)

Now you see ’em, now you don’t:  Who’s now dean or VP, who’s ‘retreated’ back to faculty (or back to dean?!?!), which math professor is now heading Career and Tech Ed, what exactly does the Assistant Superintendent do? 

How well is PCC being managed? (Results of poll pre-2014/2015)

Answer Votes Percent
Shameful! The worst in years! 57 92%  
There are some kinks that need to be worked out, but otherwise OK. 3 5%  
Great place to study and work–no joke! 2 3%  

PCC Policies and Title 5 Violations, lack of collegial consultation, lack of transparency

Unfair Labor Practice – Ruling Against the District – Fall 2013

Pre-Reqs Glitch – Fall 2013

Rosemead Campus – Fall 2013

  • Board Approves new off campus site “[Trustee] Mann was concerned the satellite college would get approved without much discussion. ‘This isn’t four chairs in a basement, this is a big commitment,’ Mann said. According to Robert Miller, senior vice president of business and college services, the satellite would provide more access to students, with an expected 100 additional class sections beginning Oct. 21.”
News flash: Rosemead campus is under-enrolled, with less than 80 sections offered and only 500+ students being served! 
Every instructor teaching there is a part-time temporary member. 
And how much money is this costing taxpayers? Why was this needed again?

Winter Cancellation – 2012–2013

  • Effects of Winter Mismanagement and Enrollment and Financial data
  • On June 21, 2013  PCC finally admitted that Spring 2 courses  would NOT count for transfer for 2012-2013 because the courses had been technically taken in summer and had been out of compliance with the Chancellor’s Office, even though the the administration had repeatedly assured the campus that this would not happen (see Preamble).  If the administration had continued to keep the “Spring 2” delineation instead of changing it back to “Summer”, the students could have used it for transfer, but the school would have been at risk of losing up to $16 million in Prop 30 money.  A team of counselors and administrators urgently set out to mitigate over 200 students’ situation to resolve the problem, but not without significant added disillusionment and stress to both students and employees of the college.  (See General Counsel’s letter from Nov. 2012 that claims that students had already been  accommodated) The school had to use tax payer’s $800,000 out of its general fund of over $112 million to re-pay financial aid.
  • July 10, 2013: An editorial appears in the Courier demanding an apology from the administration for such unprecedented mismanagement of the school. To date, no apology has been offered…

“We should be held accountable for our decisions…An apology is owed. There were impacts that weren’t anticipated.”  – Trustee Geoff Baum (July 17, 2013)

Registration Fiasco –  “Black Monday” – Spring 2013

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