Rocha (2012-2014) and beyond

rocha photoRemember me?

Rocha’s “retirement” (aka: severance) deal

Internal memo from Mark Rocha to “the people on his bus” – April 17, 2014

What Mark Rocha thinks about shared governance, all the administrators that he's fired, 
PCC as a business and faculty standing in the way of his legacy of 'reforms': Confidential Rocha Memo (April 17, 2014)

PCC President Mark Rocha gets an “F” from faculty – April 2014

In Spring 2014, full-time faculty anonymously evaluated President Mark Rocha using the same evaluation as his bosses, the Board of Trustees. Professors rated him  as having “very low effectiveness” in 7 categories, including fairness/respect, long-range planning and shared governance , providing accurate and complete information to the Board of Trustees and promoting harmonious employee relations, but was rated effective in only 1 category: technology.

Read the complete documentation here:

The Results of the Spring 2014 PCC Faculty Evaluation of President Mark Rocha

114 out of the 169 who submitted the anonymous evaluations to the Academic Senate answered the open ended questions on the evaluation. The most common response was:

“What’s working?” – Nothing!

“What’s not working?” – Everything!

“What are your suggestions for positive change?” – Remove Mark Rocha.

Courier article, May 1, 2015
Pasadena Weekly “A Lack of Leadership” May 8, 2015

 PCC President Rocha nominated 2013 Less-than-stellar Turkey. Read more:news_web_reg

PCC President Mark Rocha


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