Chapter 4: Winter is coming back! (2015-2016)

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What took so long? Certainly not inept administrators (VP Bob Bell) obstructing the calendar committee of faculty, students and staff from meeting or (VP Bob Miller) usurping their decisions once they did finally meet…

Certainly not Board of Trustees digging in their heels, following the legal advice of Gail Cooper and spending tax payer money on appealing the PERB decision that last year announced the Board’s canceling of winter had been illegal and winter had to return…

It has been ruled that  PCC Board of Trustees illegally cancelled Winter

and violated the California State Ed Code. 

file photo from 2014

file photo from 2014

Read the final PERB ruling here.

Justice has been served; now PCC has to back-pay affected faculty. But what about the students who couldn’t get the units they needed to graduate on time? (Class action lawsuit…?)


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